Details:Indonesian Quan Clan Association Obtained the Right to Host 12th Anniversary of World Quan Clan Conference in 2017

        News from, at the beginning of September, 2014, 62 people from Indonesian Quan Clan Association arrived at Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province through Luoyang City of Henan Province to attend the 11th Anniversary of World Quan Clan Conference led by the honorary president Guan Wenlong, director-general Guan Tianhui and counseling president Guan Wenyou. This Conference was hosted by the Quans World Federation and organized by Yuncheng Quan’s Descendants’ Sodality. 

Yuncheng City is located in the south part of Shanxi Province, it is the hometown of the country Shu’s General Guangong in the three kingdoms’ period, it is called “Guangong’s Hometown” as its card to the world. One of the three Chinese Guan Temples and the Changping Emperor Guan’s ancestral temple built on the basis of Guangong’s former residence are located here. Most representatives from Indonesia were the first time to the inner city Yuncheng, they felt warm and fresh, they continuously attended the activities of opening ceremony, Guan’s family photos, high-end forum of Guangong culture, theatrical performances, etc. 

In the morning of September 7th, the executive chairman of Quans World Federation’s Guan Zongyan, the honorary president of Indonesian Quan Clan Association Guan Yunlong, the president of Yuncheng Guan’s descendants’ Sodality Guan Senzhu and relatives of the same clan worshipped their ancestor in front of Chongning Hall of Emperor Guan’s Templeoffering the thrice kneeling and nine times bowing etiquette. Since the 6th year of Guanghe, that was the year of 183 B.C. when Guangong escaped from his hometown because of the killing of the evil rich person Lǚ Hao till now when his descendants went back from all over the world, 1831 years has passed. Because of this, the ancestor worship had significant meaning, it was highly focused on by local government, experts of Guangong culture and Guangong’s descendants. 

In the evening of September 7th, a meeting was held by the Quans World Federation to discuss the host of 12th Anniversary of World Quan Clan Conference. The Indonesian Quans clan relatives got the right to host the next conference because many Guan’s descendants live in Indonesia, they are very united and the conference develops well these years. When the director-general Guan Tianhui expressed “The Indonesia Guan’s clan relatives will have to live up to everyone's expectations to host the 12th Anniversary of World Quan Clan Conference”, thunderous applause burst in the hall. The heads of delegation from different countries gave their support by means of going to the stage to take hand-in-hand pictures.   

Quans World Federation is a community organization aims at strengthening the bonds of clan relatives, upholding Guangong’s spirit, conforming to codes of ancestors and uniting with all faith. The headquarter is located in San Francisco in the USA, all world’s Guan’s groups, Guan’s congregation organizations which agree with its purposes could be members. The Anniversary of World Quan Clan Conference is held every three years, the conference had been held 11 times till September 8th, 2014. Indonesian Quan Clan Association is a mass activity for promoting friendship, it was founded on March 24th, 2008. The director-general is Guan Tianhui, the headquarter is located in Jakarta City, Indonesia. It aims at uniting clan relatives and promoting clan friendship. 

(Author:Guan Zhijie  Photographors:Zhu Zhengming; Guan Binghong; Guan Zhijie   Editor:Guan Zhijie     Translator:)